Journal of Medical & Clinical Research & Reviews


Possibilities of Multi-Omiks Technologies in Personalized Medicine

Kamalidin O. Sharipov, Alia A. Arykbayeva, Balzhan B. Azimkhanova, Aigul A. Batyrbayeva, Ryskul N. Azhigulova.

In this paper, we discuss the role of multi-omiks technologies in modern biomedicine and development concept of personalized medicine. There are some preliminary results of the investigation of the metallom. It was shown that the stable level of components metallom is the most important factor of cellular homeostasis and individual elementogramma is a dynamic indicator of metalloligand homeostasis – МLH. It is established that the use of results of omiks technology - elementogramms may be necessary for both pre-nosological diagnosis and for subsequent planning of individual treatment and prevention of pathology associated with metabolic disorders.

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