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Accuracy, Repeatability and Reproducibility of Digital Intraoral Scanner for Shade Selection: Current Status of the Literature

Moussaoui H, El Mdaghri M, Gouma A, Bennani A.

Statement of the problem: Recently, several intraoral scanners developed initially for digital impression have added a tool for simultaneous color measurement of teeth.

Aim: The goal of this systematic review was to assess the accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of digital intraoral scanner for shade selection and to verify whether intraoral optical scanning devices can be used to determine the color of restorations without requiring additional conventional color-measurement methods.

Material and Methods: An independent electronic search of the literature was performed with the PubMed search engine, the Cochrane library and Science Direct database by multiple investigators. Studies published in peer-reviewed journals up to 30th August 2018 were included. No time limitation was applied. The keywords used were: intraoral scanner, intraoral digital scanner, color, color measurement, shade and shade selection.

Results: The first search through the three databases provided 912 papers. Only three papers met the inclusion criteria. Only one intraoral scanner was tested clinically. No significant difference was found between color measurements made by Trios® Color and the conventional, visual method and digital devices, in terms of accuracy and repeatability.

Conclusion: Within the limitations of this review, it can be concluded that intraoral scanner Trios color could be an alternative to other methods for shade selection. Further investigations are necessary.

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