Cardiology & Vascular Research


Artificial Heart Mechanism

Camila Alcalde Mazza, Edmo Atique Gabriel, Marina Alves Jacintho de Mello.

The artificial auxiliary heart is a method produced to be used in humans who present with severe heart disease and need to replace the native organ. Its main purpose is to provide patients with waiting for a healthy and compatible heart transplant. In this way the objective was to describe the mechanism of operation of the artificial heart. As a specific goal to address the inherent aspects of the native heart. It used as a research methodology of a bibliographical nature, carried out through the analysis of publications of periodicals made available by electronic means, which contemplated the scientific production on the artificial heart. The results demonstrated that the frequency conditions of the artificial heart take into consideration the adequate pressure and flow, without leaks and good response in the sensors with variation of the pressure. It was concluded that the Brazilian artificial heart, which beats together with the natural heart, can save life of many heart patients who are unable to perform transplantation.

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