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NARA Socks Project Aimed at Dissemination of Compression Therapy and Revival of Local Industry

Takahiro Imai.

Rationale: Currently, Nara Prefecture is home to major producers of socks in Japan. Approximately 40% of all socks sold in Japan are manufactured in Nara. We cooperated with a sock manufacturer in Nara to produce and market knee-high compression stockings. We aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the compression stockings. We performed a series of activities under the “NARA Socks Project” to promote the increased use of compression therapy over the previous year.

Objective: We investigated changes in the circumference of the leg below the knee and improvements in blood circulation of the legs before and after using compression stockings. We also performed a survey of users impressions while wearing the stockings.

Results: The test results of below-knee leg circumference before/after wearing of stockings were showed P = 0.343 in the standing position and P = 0.05 in the supine position, and there was no significant difference in the circumference diameter of the leg. However, the mean VD of the popliteal vein decreased significantly from 8.65 mm (before wearing) to 8.48 mm (20 minutes after wearing the stockings) and 8.39 mm (40 minutes after wearing the stockings). In addition, the mean PV of the popliteal vein increased significantly from 4.65 cm/s (before wearing) to 5.62 cm/s (20 minutes) and 5.51 cm/s (40 minutes) (P<0.008).

Conclusion: The test stockings appear to be useful in stimulating venous blood circulation of the leg. On the basis of these results, we plan to devise concrete campaigns and actions that focus on reviving the local industry and increasing the use of compression therapy across the country.

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