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Retrospective Study Comparing Effect of Sequential and Concurrent Hormonal Therapy with Radiation Therapy in Breast Cancer

Rasha Mohamed Abdel Latif, Dalia Hatem Zayed.

Background: Radiation is a main component of treatment in patients with early breast cancer operated with conservative breast surgery (CBS), the sequence of adjuvant hormonal therapy with radiation when indicated was matter of question.

Objectives: In this study we tried to assess if using hormonal concurrently versus sequentially with radiation differs in relapse free and overall survival, in addition to the effect in developing toxicity (lung fibrosis, breast fibrosis and cardiac toxicity).

Patients and Methods: This is a retrospective study included 112 patients with early breast cancer treated with CBS and radiotherapy, patients divided into two groups according to sequence of hormonal treatment, 1st concurrent CON (received hormonal with radiation) and 2nd sequential SEQ (received hormonal after end of radiation. We compared outcomes of both groups.

Results: Concurrent group was 60 and SEQ was 52 patients, there was homogeneity in patientsĖŠ characteristics between both groups, only the CON group received more taxane containing chemotherapy (P=0.04). There were no significant difference in ipsilateral relapse free (P=0.5), contralateral breast-relapse free (0.066), or overall survival (OS) (P=0.62). Distant metastasis free survival was higher in CON group (P=0.05). Lung fibrosis and breast fibrosis showed significant difference between CON and SEQ groups (P=0.004 and 0.018 respectively).

Conclusion: This study may suggest the use of hormonal therapy concurrently with radiation not inversely affect local or distant control, however this need more large numbers studies to improve this depate.

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