International Journal of Psychiatry Research


Integration between Psychology and Spirituality: A New Paradigm for The Essence and The Nature of The Psyche

Dr. Nader Butto

Here, we present a new paradigm explaining essence and origin of psyche. It integrates and unifies different approaches in psychology, biology, and ancient philosophy. It further introduces spirituality to psychology. Concepts of spirit and soul are analyzed as wave function, information potential, and quantum state in accordance with quantum mechanics. The brain is considered as a wave analyzer that processes information received from cloud of soul. The interaction between information present in the soul and brain produces the conscious mind. Information that does not interact with brain and is not immediately retrievable is called the unconscious and accessible information that does not interact with the brain is the preconscious. The soul is divided into three parts: Animal soul, human soul, and guiding spirit.

The animal soul is the energy of magnetic field that has emerged from all electromagnetic fields of all cells and organs. According to Freud, interaction between animal soul and the brain produces the id. The human soul and guiding spirit are two quantum informational states; when they interact with the brain, they produce the ego and superego, respectively.

This new approach affords a new interpretation of life and death. It considers life to be a workshop for intellectual growth and spiritual evolution and views physical disease as an indicator of unresolved conflicts and traumas. Psychological difficulties are an indicator of spiritual deviation from one’s personal path. Therapeutic intervention’s purpose is restoring the wellbeing that allows individuals to continue their journey of life with love, happiness, and

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