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Expert Review

DOI: GRM-19-88

Unrelenting Gynecological Conflict: Isn't It Time We All Got Along?

Authors: Joseph Miller


Research Article

DOI: GRM-19-89

Inflammatory and Haemostatic Changes Following Pre-eclampsia: Potential Link with Development of Subsequent Cardiovascular Events?

Authors: Fatma S. Abad, Xiaoying Tan, Bas B. van Rijn, Brian R. Birch, Alan J. Cooper, Bashir A. Lwaleed

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Research Article

DOI: GRM-19-90

Cervical Cancer: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Screening among Women in Bongo District of the Upper East Region of Ghana

Authors: Kwarase R, Adu-kyere D, Der EM

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Research Article

DOI: GRM-19-91

Accuracy of Three Dimensional Saline Infusion Sonohysterography Compared to Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Differential Diagnosis of Septate, Bicornuate and Arcuate Uteri

Authors: Tarek M. Toppozada, Samir M. Elsayed, Ahmed F. Galal

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