International Journal of Psychiatry Research

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Research Article

DOI: IJPR-19-1059

The Development of Social Behavior During Music Therapy: A Child Case Report

Authors: Mathieu Pater, Tom Van Yperen.

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Research Article

DOI: IJPR-19-1060

Childhood Adverse Experiences and Personality Disorders in Outpatients with Addiction

Authors: Anna Rita Atti, Maurizio Speciani, Ferdinando Cerrato, Paola Casadio, Deanna Olivoni, Paolo Scudellari, Stefano Valente, Diana De Ronchi.

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Research Article

DOI: IJPR-20-1061

Developing Telehealth Systems for Parent-mediated Intervention of Young Children with Autism: Practical Guidelines

Authors: Marco Esposito, Maria Teresa Dipierro, Federica Mondani, Giovanna Gerardi, Bruna Monopoli, Carmelo Felicetti, Francesco Forieri, Monica Mazza, Marco Valenti.

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Research Article

DOI: IJPR-20-1062

Evaluation of The Knowledge of Mental Health First Aid Among Workers Manning Sick Bays in Schools in EGOR Local Government Area of Benin City, Nigeria

Authors: AINA Israel Odunmayowa, ISRAEL-AINA Yetunde Tinuola.

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Expert Review

DOI: IJPR-20-1063

Psychopathology and Criminality

Authors: Gabriel da Costa Duriguetto, Ronaldo Chicre Araujo.