Oral Health and Dental science

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Research Article

DOI: 19-1029

Accuracy, Repeatability and Reproducibility of Digital Intraoral Scanner for Shade Selection: Current Status of the Literature

Authors: Moussaoui H, El Mdaghri M, Gouma A, Bennani A.

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Case Report

DOI: OHDm-18-028

The Cortically Fixed At Once Approach: A Treatment Option in an Atrophied Maxilla

Authors: Jimoh Olubanwo Agbaje BDS, DMD, FMCDS, MMI, PhD, Henri Diederich DMD, DU, Iyad Abou-Rabii DDS, OMFS, MRes, PhD.


Research Article

DOI: OHDS-19-031

Oral Lesions in Crack and Cocaine User Patients: Literature Review

Authors: Tainara Z Cherobin, Letícia Stefenon, Paula Wiethölter.

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Research Article

DOI: OHDS-19-032

Estimation of Severity of Oral Health Problem(s) in Children with Different Types of Hemophilia by Socio-demographic Characteristics

Authors: Jebun Nessa, Zakir Hossain Shikder A.H.M.

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