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Review Article

DOI: SR-20-1020

Tuberculosis Infection of the Deep Hand Spaces in an SLE Patient : Case Report

Authors: Badr I Abdulrauf MD and Mohammed E Mater.

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Research Article

DOI: SR-20-1021

Occult Obscure Gastrointestinal Bleeding (OGIB) in Colonic Diverticulitis using Polyglucosamine: A Registry Study Following a Standard Management Protocol

Authors: Belcaro G and Cornelli U.

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Case Report

DOI: SR-20-1022

Bowel injury post liposuction: Case report

Authors: Mubarak Alasousi, Abdullah Shuaib, Mohammed Aljasmi, Mohamed Alaa Sallam, and Fareed Abdulsalam.

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