International Journal of Psychiatry Research

International Journal of Psychiatry Research (ISSN 2641-4317) is a multidisciplinary forum for communication among health professionals with clinical, academic and research interests in psychiatry. It is an indispensable journal for all psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who need to stay on the cutting edge of virtually every aspect of psychiatry. The scope of the journal encompasses Mental health, Neuropsychiatry, Clinical Neurophysiology, Psychophysiology, Psychotherapy, Addiction, Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar Disorders, and Anxiety.

We publish original research articles, reviews, case reports, methodological clinical approaches, design, and goals of clinical trials, epidemiological studies, review articles, points of view, editorials. Accepted Papers will be published within a week. Our main aim is to encourage researchers to publish their new findings or ideas in an open access platform and there is no restriction on the length of the papers so that full experimental details provided by the author should help in better understanding by the readers.

Authors are requested to submit manuscripts as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at


Recent Articles

Research Article

DOI: IJPR-19-1035

Four Phases of Life and Four Stages of Stress: A New Stress Theory and Health Concept

Authors: Nader Butto

Abstract pdf

Research Article

DOI: IJPR-19-1036

Group Psychotherapy and Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 In College Students

Authors: María Martina Jurado, Juan Antonio Mejías, Silvia Araceli Tafoya, Lizbeth Beltrán, Itzel Balcázar.

Abstract pdf

Research Article

DOI: IJPR-19-1037

Diagnosis of Mental Health Issues In Social Forums Using Semantic Biomarkers, Markovian Models and Artificial Intelligence

Authors: Nithin Parthasarathy


Short Article

DOI: IJPR-19-1038

Micro-Decision Making Below the Conscious Horizon Negatively Impacts Health

Authors: Tammy Guns

Abstract pdf

Research Article

DOI: IJPR-19-1039

Behavior of Adolescents with Problematic Use of Videogames and Evaluation of Impairments in Cognitive Performance

Authors: Husten Carvalho, Fernanda Gonçalves, Vanda Brito,Erik Souza.

Abstract pdf