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Comparison of Weight and Body Composition Change in Person Using and Non-Using Protein Powder In the First 6 Months Period after Barrier Surgery

Authors: Nazlı Batar, Merve Üzel.

Objective of Study: This study aims the comparison of weight and body composition changes in people who use and do not use protein in the first six months period after the bariatric surgery.

Material and Method: This study was carried out on 144 patients who underwent bariatric surgery at a private foundation university between 10.01.2012 and 21.10.2014 and were followed up before and after the operation. The patients were separated into two groups those who use protein dust and who do not.The member quantity of two groups are equal and 72. Tanita Body Composition Analyzer TBF-300 was used to analyze the patients’ body.

Facts: The ages of the patients ranged from 18 to 68 years with an average of 37.87 ± 11.41 years, 63.3% using protein dust, and 36.7% not using protein dust although recommended.

As a result of the study, the differences between the fat percentage ratios of the cases in both groups were statistically significant at postoperative 6th month controls (p<0.05). When the weight ratios of the cases were examined, no statistically significant difference was found between the two groups. When the muscle ratios of both groups are evaluated; The difference between the body muscle ratios of the post op 1st month controls was statistically significant (p <0.05) and the difference between the body muscle ratios of the two groups at the post op 6th month controls was statistically highly significant (P<0.01).

Results: As a result, it has been observed that the body fat percentage decreases more than the body fat percentage according to the second group, which does not receive protein powder supplementation, in group 1 cases, which regularly take protein powder supplementation, and that body fat weight is less well preserved.

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