Cancer Science & Research

Open Access ISSN: 2639-8478


SCHIZENCEFALIA - A Bibliographic Review of Clinical Aspects

Authors: Carla Chiste T Santos, Chadya Samia Soares Pacondes De Miranda, Kelly De Jesus Menezzes Da Silva, Iel Marciano de Moraes Filho, Fellipe José Gomes Queiroz, Fernando Vianna Cabral Pucci.

The main objective of this review is to analyze the clinical findings of patients diagnosed with schizencephaly, elucidating their main characteristics and symptoms and main therapeutic approaches. This is a bibliographic review based on the specialized literature through consultation of scientific articles selected through search of the scielo and peDRO database, from Medline and Lilacs sources. The studies found schizencephaly as a disorder in neural migration characterized by clefts in the cerebral cortex, which lead to cognitive, motor and neuropsychomotor development since it is a congenital pathology. The treatment presented is variable and dependent on the clinical picture of the patient and the histological characteristic of the lesion and its impact on the central nervous system.

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