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Proposal of Artificial Pandemics by Infectious Attenuated Live Influenza Vaccines to Save the World from Dangerous Wild Type New Influenza Pandemics –Operation Backfire-

Authors: Yoshinori Hayakawa, Ph.D.

Background: Fears of a global pandemic are mounting as experts have warned at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos 2018. They claim there will be ‘no way to stop’ a killer disease from claiming millions of lives. New pandemic is feared to appear in the world. Especially H7N9 is the most plausible and feared candidates. H5N1 is also a dangerous candidate. Spanish influenza pandemic killed 50 million to 100million people in the world. Total population at that time was 2.2 milliyard. Present population is 7.4 milliyard. Dr. Nabarro D, one of the most senior public health experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) told the BBC that the "range of deaths could be anything between five and 150 million". Ordinary vaccine is too costly for many people in developing countries. And vaccines are not available in early stages of pandemic.

Methods: Ferret has same nature to influenza with man. It has human-like α2-6 linked sialosides, while birds α 2-3. Ferret nasal mucosa is carcinized using carcinogen for easiness of incubation. Bird influenza virus is attenuated by reverse genetics. The virus is marked by green fluorescent protein. This attenuated virus is sprayed to many cultured cancer cell specimen incubated. In some specimen attenuated virus will mutated to increase in cancer cells, checked by green fluorescence. Then the virus is tested to infect ferret and then human volunteers without serious symptom. Virus with strongest virus titer to infect ferret is selected as seed virus of infectious attenuated live vaccine. The seed virus will be increased in incubated cancer cells all over the world and sprayed to vulnerable people and inevitable necessitated persons for basic life of citizens, e.g., soldiers, students, people in slums, medical staffs, and people engaged in lifeline. Drones may be used to enhance infection, spraying in slums thin capsules including the live vaccine. Thin capsules are melted at human nasal mucous membrane. Thus basic immunity is gained by many people against dangerous virus.

Remarks: Highly virulent influenza virus kills cancer cells of ferret. So this system cannot be used for producing biological weapons and can be used only for peaceful purposes. Infectious attenuated live influenza vaccine for H7N9 should now be prepared. Artificial pandemics of dangerous viruses as H7N9, H5N1 etc., are to be created serially with few years interval. Artificial pandemic should be initiated before wild type pandemic starts. One reason is to avoid reassortment (mixture) of virus RNA and another is to avoid clinical and social confusion. It should not overlap with influenza season. The number of victims seems to be less than 300 thousands in the world. As the live vaccine is less virulent than A/H1N1. Cooperation of many people, researchers, companies, institutes, organizations, nations, and especially International Cooperation seem to be necessary to achieve -Operation Backfire- successfully.

Conclusion: A novel method is proposed to stop killer disease of global influenza pandemic. The method is preemptive attack by artificial pandemic against candidates of dangerous wild type new influenza viruses. It utilizes infectious attenuated live vaccines of influenza virus incubated in cancerized ferret’s nasal mucous membrane. The live vaccines are to be distributed all over the world. The number of expected victims of artificial pandemic seems to be less than 300 thousands. The proposed artificial pandemic, if successful, might save the world from disastrous death toll by next wild type new influenza pandemic.

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