Addiction Research

Open Access ISSN: 2639-8451


Ethnography Study: Causes of Teenager Consume Narcotics in Papua and West Papua

Authors: Agussalim, Masdiana AR.

Objectives: Narcotics case is one of the biggest cases in this time. The government of Indonesia has conducted treatment and prophylaxis seriously. Since 2011, it has been found around 4.7 million people with addictive narcotics in Indonesia. In 2012 has been found the number of the people who consume narcotics in Papua 17,750 people or 0.8 percent of Papuans. This research aimed to understand causes of Papuans teenager consume narcotics and its support in Papua and West Papua.

Methods: This research is a qualitative research which is data collected by deep interview to understand specific Papuans of factors caused a teenager consume narcotics. This research was conducted in the prison of narcotics in Papua and West Papua.

Result: Deep interview study was identified that the main cause of a teenager consume narcotics in Papua and West Papua is friendship. They will try to use narcotics step by step as cause of friendship then addiction is happened.

Discussion: We already known the main caused of a teenager consumed narcotics in Papua and West Papua, moreover the regulation from the government must be hardly to the people who is spread and sell narcotics applied punish hardly.

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