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Surgical Management of Varicose Veins (New Modalities Introduction) A Jersey Prospect

Authors: Dr. Muhammad Aleem.

Radiofrequency segmental thermal ablation of great and small saphenous vein with Closure FAST Catheter is superior, widely accepted alternative to conventional ligation and stripping of great and small saphenous Vein in the treatment of lower extremity venous insufficiency.

Purpose: This study evaluated endovenous closure for superficial venous insufficiency due to great and short saphenous vein incompetency at Jersey General Hospital.

Patient and Methods: During thirty months period patients with symptomatic venous insufficiency were studied, total patient treated were three hundred and sixty two. Patient followed up in clinic after six weeks to report the clinical outcome of treatment and also to register any immediate and late complication from the procedure and recurrence rate.

Result: Total number of saphenous vein endovenous closure with Fast closure technique operation performed three hundred and sixty two, with good outcome in three hundred ten patients and poor out come in forty five patients.

Conclusion: There are significant advantages in endovascular obliteration of saphenous vein, minimally invasive technique based on endothelial ablation are progressively supplanting conventional surgery in the treatment of varicose veins.

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