Cancer Science & Research

Open Access ISSN: 2639-8478


Value of Combined use of HPV DNA Analysis and Liquid Based Cytology for Cervical Cancer Screening

Authors: Osman N. A.*, Omar A.M.

Objectives: To evaluate the value of PCR HPV test with Thinprep cytology test for detection of cervical human papillomavirus changes. 

Method: Seventy women were studied. All patients were subjected to speculum examination followed by thin-prep cytology test and Multiplex PCR HPV analysis.

Results: ThinPrep cytology result test was NILM in 12 (17.1%) patients, 36 (51.4%) patients had ASC-US, 20 (28.6%) had (LSIL) and 2 (2.9 %) had HSIL. PCR HPV was negative in 26 (37.2%) patients, 24 (34.3%) patients had low risk HPV types, 10 (14.3) patients had HPV 16, 5 (7.1%) patients had HPV 18 infection. ThinPrep cytology result was significantly related to conventional PAP smear result (P =0.030) and PCR HPV result (P=0.000). ThinPrep test was more sensitive but less specific than PCR HPV test.

Conclusion: The combined use of ThinPrep cytology test and PCR HPV test can play a significant role towards accurate diagnosis and screening of cervical cancer.

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