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Single Center Experience in the Management of Urological Complications in Live Related Kidney Transplant: A Retrospective Study

Authors: Mohamed Abdelsattar Sharafeldeen, Tamer Abou Youssif, Mohamed Said Abdelsalam.

Purpose: We report herein the incidence of and ways of management of urological complications after living related renal transplantation.

Methods: Between 1990 and 2012, we performed 104 live related renal transplantation. We retro- spectively studied recipient and donor characteristics, cold ischemia time, urological complications, as well as graft and patient 5-year survival rates.

Results: Fouteen urological complications were reported among fourteen patients We noted 35.7% Clavien IIIa, 64.2% Clavien IIIb, and 7.1% Clavien IVa grade. We reported the changes in the ways of management of urological complications from open surgical repair to conservation and minimally invasive techniques.

Conclusion: Urologic complications appear frequently after renal transplantation. The surgical techniques involved are highly specialized and must be individualized with each patient.

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