Addiction Research


When Neurobiology meets Psychotherapy: Mirror Neurons, the Social Brain and Group Work with the Addicted Population

Lawrence Tan

This paper looks at the implications and roles of mirror neurons and neural integration in social behaviors and group work with the addicted population in a Singaporean treatment setting. It is interesting to note that neurobiology not only influences what goes on within a person’s brain but also what goes on between brains of different individuals in a social context. The unraveling of this phenomenon seems especially apparent in a group psychotherapy setting where reenactments within the many transactions between members often get played out in interesting ways. Clinical vignettes within the context of therapeutic group-work with different groups of helpseeking, addicted patients will be explored using many of the theories and concepts drawn from the works of Badenoch & Cox and Schermer as a main framework [1,2].

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