Food Science & Nutrition Research

Open Access ISSN: 2641-4295


The Nutritious Food and Beverage Sector: Exploring and Understanding Trends, Insights, Opportunities and Challenges in U.S.A.

Authors: Mohd Suleman.

People spend more on restaurants than groceries.It is evident most of the time in society that the junk and restaurant food have become habit of kids, youngsters, teenagers, adults, and adolescents today. They like non nutritious food items in their daily lives. Despite availability of nutritious food supplements in the market, there is need of nutritious products in the market since there is lack of nutritious food items in supply chain and retail marketing of many business entities. The entrepreneur and marketer need to focus on making widespread public awareness and implementation of strategic planning related to nutritious items at micro and macro level in society. The strategic initiative of all shareholders and stakeholders will transform and change the nutritious business in the market.The organizations can deliver corporate social responsibility and ethical business
practices once they start to serve nutritious items to the entire population. The paper will explore and examine the trends, challenges,and opportunities for nutritious products in fast food sector. The collection of data and findings will give incredible insights to entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators, domestic companies, and MNCs about nutritious food items in the U.S.The paper will show stakeholders and shareholders about how the nutritious products can overcome the problem of health and obesity among diverse people in society. The researcher used and mentioned secondary data, personal experience, and observation of fast food restaurants in U.S.A. The purpose of the study lies in SWOT analysis of fast food sector in U.S.A. The findings and results came in terms of suggestions and recommendations to new and existing business entities.

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