Oral Health and Dental science

Open Access ISSN: 2639-9490


Turbulence Laser Medicine and Treatment of Pathological Changes in TMJ due To Trauma From Occlusion

Authors: Kamenoff J.

Introduction: Pathological changes in Temporomandibular joints (TMJ) due to Trauma from Occlusion cause various symptoms of pain, difficulty opening of the mouth, deviations of the mandible, subluxation and luxation, etc. Trauma from disturbed Occlusion leads to a functional deficiency of TMJ, which is accompanied with Neuromuscular and Somatosensory pathology. Electromagnetic energy of laser light has some typical properties which allow abilities to control the severe and chronic disorders in TMJ.

Goal: The present clinical research aims to introduce new algorithms for diagnosing complications after Trauma from Occlusion and their impact on the function of TMJ. The aim of this original biomedical, translational and clinical study was to analyse the real effect of combined therapeutic program in depth and basing on clinical observations to suggest new approach guaranteeing high therapeutic efficacy of TMJ Turbulence laser therapy. 

Material and methods: The method of building models of clinical situations and then classified them into categories of compensative models has been applied. Electromyographicactivity, energy metabolism and the state of increased activity of masseters, as well as TMD diagnosis and therapy, Acugraph meridian energy analysis have been investigated. Approbated Methods for Turbulence Medicine: PDT +TENS, PIFBM, LA and TENS. 

Results and conclusion: Laser-assisting treatment of TMJ disorders has a high degree of therapeutic efficacy and can be applied widely in daily dental practice. Best results can be obtained by the combined processes of laser photobiomodulation.

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