Addiction Research

Open Access ISSN: 2639-8451


Impact of Social Support on Natural Recoveries

Authors: Muindi Serah, Muindi Judith.

This research set out to establish the impact of social support on natural recoveries and elucidate a roadmap for persons living in addiction. Unlike addicts who seek help in rehabilitation centres, natural recoveries simply work on themselves to restore their meaning and purpose and overcome their addictions. Experts and scholars focus on addicts in rehab centres and clinics because of the accuracy in measuring and observing their behavior and changes. However, this article looks at the support system of the addict who never walks into a rehab centre nor enrolls for therapy but manages to recover. The perspective of social support for this addict is more personal and involves a select number of few people.

Social support for natural recoveries provides critical insight about the addict’s psyche, insight that will help reinforce social support for recovering addicts who seek help. This article will trace the recovery process of the natural recovery addict and will highlight the key social support aspects of the same. With analysis of a natural recovery addict’s case study, this work will showcase the impact of social support focusing on rewards tied to improvement, Mentorship to rebuild the low esteem of the addict, Continuous supervision and alternatives to replace addict associated behavior.

Natural recoveries make unique personal choices about their mental and support systems which include; New ties and linkages producing the new friendly environment, Power of testimony and choice to live a useful life that positively impacts on others, the desire to fulfill ones dream or vision, stand out in society and build a legacy for others to emulate. The power of behavior tethering and the power of association during appointments held in morally upright hotels or social places also help natural recoveries stay on the straight and narrow path.

The need for all persons to meditate on spiritual matters and relate with a deity (Uncomplicated worship of one’s Maker) translates to fulfilling the spiritual aspect of man. This is another integral aspect of the natural recoveries’ support system. Spiritual support is the space where spiritual forces, dreams and any delusions or confusions are addressed spiritually and emphasis placed on the correct spiritual alignment. The controlling person or evil force that had dictated terms gets replaced as the person regains control of their life decisions.

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