Oral Health and Dental science

Open Access ISSN: 2639-9490


New Approach for Laser Dental Education

Authors: Kameenoff J, Georgi Sofiiski.

The author is presented a new approach for Laser Dental Education based on Biological Medicine principles. The new educational program involves knowledge about laser biostimulation, photoinfrared photobiomodulation, Laser Eliminating Therapy as Allergy and Environmental Medicine, Immunological Allergies, Autonomic nervous System Hypersensitivity Allergy and alternative methods of Combined Laser Treatment. This new approach of teaching show how to build Model of Individual Optimum Laser Stimulation and require education on four levels: First level – laser biostimulation and biomodulation, Second level – Healing effect of Infrared Laser beam, clinical application. Next third level involves skills on Laser acupuncture and Combined Laser Biosynergetics. The higher level of laser education gives information about Turbulence Laser Medicine clinical application. All levels of Laser training require workshops with different types of Dental laser machines. This new approach of education has been approbated in Department of Prosthodontics, Laser Educational center for post graduated education at Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University, Sofia. Results after the laser education show a great effectiveness.

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