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Establishing the Proper Approach to an Effective Surgical Treatment for Meningioma

Authors: Mihai Stelian Moreanu, Marina Cozma, Aura Sandu.

Statement of the Problem: Meningiomas are benign extra-axial tumors, originating from the meningeal arachnoidal cells, making up 20% of the intracranial primary tumors. Surgical management of meningiomas is one of the most challenging procedures posing a high risk of affecting the critical neurovascular centers of the brain. Our study attempts to identify the way paraclinical brain investigations coupled with a well-established surgical procedure lead to an efficient and strategic treatment of meningioma, starting with a case of a 50-year-old woman.

Case presentation: The clinical background of the patient included frontal headaches, rare epileptic crises, and sudden dizziness. In addition to the MRI which presented a homogenous irregular expanding tumor process in the frontal-orbital left space, several other investigations such as Digital Angiography and Computed Tomography were performed. The treatment was mainly focused on the neurosurgical intervention, having several purposes: rejecting the meningioma, establishing the anatomopathological diagnosis and developing the therapeutic plan. The surgical approach involved a step-by-step incision, tumor fragmentation and Simpson 2 excision. The final result was favourable – the patient regained her balance.

Conclusion & Significance: Getting a better understanding of the neurosurgical steps of treating meningiomas will lead to finding strategies that will improve the patient's treatment and his quality of life.

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