Addiction Research

Open Access ISSN: 2639-8451


A Case Report on Cerebral Periventricular Leukomalacia and Schizophrenia

Authors: Ali Mahmood Khan, Javeria Sahib Din, Faiza Farooq, Muhammad Mustafa Ahmed, Nimisha Srivastava, Naveed Ahmed Shaikh, Abdul Mohit

This case is of a patient 24 years old male of Haitian-American origin, speaks English who is diagnosed with schizophrenia and cannabis use disorder. The patient had a premature delivery and the mother was not on any sort of medication during pregnancy. The first outbreak occurred in 2010 and was diagnosed with schizophrenia then. The patient is a drug addict and upon MRI cerebral leukomalacia was observed. There was no family history of such diseases and the symptoms of the patient were extremely self-damaging.

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