Clinical Immunology & Research

Open Access ISSN: 2639-8494

Articles in Volume: 2, Issue 1

Review Article DOI: 10.33425/2639-8494.1009
Gluten Fibromyalgia

Authors: Dmitriy A. Labunskiy, Svetlana V. Kopishinskaya.

Research Article DOI: 10.33425/2639-8494.1010
Therapeutic Use of MicroRNAs to Prevent and Control Allergic Rhinosinusitis

Authors: GLADY Gilbert

Research Article DOI: 10.33425/2639-8494.1011
Th1 and Th2 Cytokines Pattern among Sickle Cell Disease Patients in Côte d'Ivoire

Authors: Liliane K. Siransy, Chiayé C.A. Yapo-Crézoit, Maxime K. Diane, Sidonie Goore, Saydou Kaboré, Bettina Koffi-Kabran, Seidou Konaté.

Research Article DOI: 10.33425/2639-8494.1012
The Brazilian National Immunization Program and Its Challenges for Modernization and Improvement

Authors: Ricardo Bordinhão

Research Article DOI: 10.33425/2639-8494.1013
Health System- Related Barriers to the Uptake of Vct Services in a Rural Setting, a Case of Chivuna Southern Province

Authors: Harriet Ntalasha, Record Jacob Malungo, Simona J. Simona, Sonja Merten.

Editorial DOI: 10.33425/2639-8494.1014
Appetite Control and Biotherapy in the Management of Autoimmune Induced Global Chronic Diseases

Authors: Ian James Martins.

Review Article DOI: 10.33425/2639-8494.1015
Travel & Edible Vaccines

Authors: Reim Sheikh Mohammed.

Research Article DOI: 10.33425/2639-8494.1016
Preliminary Assessment of a Newly Designated Predictive Index for Relapse in a Treated Cohort of IgG4 -RD Egyptian Patients

Authors: Hany El-Saadany