Clinical Reviews & Cases

Open Access ISSN: 2689-1069

Articles in Volume: 2, Issue 1

Case Report DOI: 10.33425/2689-1069.1011
A Twist in The Diagnosis of Acute Compressive Myelopathy

Authors: Rajamohan Rohit, Subramanian Ashok.

Case Report DOI: 10.33425/2689-1069.1012
The Existence

Authors: Martin Vlcek

Review Article DOI: 10.33425/2689-1069.1013
Does Vestibular Dysfunction Contribute to the Increased Prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease in Females?

Authors: Dr. Fred H. Previc

Case Report DOI: 10.33425/2689-1069.1014
Multiple Myeloma Presenting with Clinical and Serological Features of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Case Report

Authors: Arthur E. Brawer, M.D., Sindhuja Korem, M.D.

Research Article DOI: 10.33425/2689-1069.1015
Free-Operant Preference Assessment to Increase the Mand Variety of a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Authors: Sara Orsini, Marco Esposito, Denise Smith, Bruna Monopoli, Federica Mondani, Maria Teresa Dipierro, Giovanna Gerardi, John Sykes, Francesca Fotia, Monica Mazza, Marco Valenti.

Case Report DOI: 10.33425/2689-1069.1016
Hypercalcemia in Context of Tumor Lysis Syndrome in a Patient with Multiple Myeloma

Authors: Hashim Rotana, Hashim Alshaima, Ghada ELGohary.