International Journal of Psychiatry Research

Open Access ISSN: 2641-4317

Articles in Volume: 4, Issue 3

Research Article DOI: IJPR-21-1095
COVID-19 and Anxiety: Self-Perception and Coping Mechanism Usage in A Brazilian Sample

Authors: Daniela B. Scheffer, Sarah C. A. Lima, Samarah P. Freitas, Leandro R. Vestena, Carla L. B. Vestena.

Case Report DOI: IJPR-21-1096
Long-term Remission of Secondary Nocturnal Enuresis achieved by eradication of presumed Central Nervous System Infectious Etiology

Authors: Richard L. Sarnat.

Research Article DOI: IJPR-21-1097
Clinical Psychological Interventions for Children between 8 and 11 Years Old in Populations with Socioeconomic Vulnerability

Authors: Dra. Patricia Ovejas, Lic. Albertina Feeney, Lic. Sofia Castelli.

Case Report DOI: IJPR-21-1098
The Will to Live and Its Effect on 3 Nursing Home Patients

Authors: Jim Shalom

Research Article DOI: IJPR-21-1099
Fundamentals of Sexual Identity: A Study of Sex-Typed Toys Preferences in Children

Authors: Scapellato Paolo, De Pedis Carolina.

Review Article DOI: IJPR-21-1100
What Means Wellbeing? Distinction of Two Discourses on Well-being – Conceptual and Theoretical Reflections

Authors: Wistoft K