Nursing & Primary Care


JEM’S Theory on Intergenerational Visits to the Elderly

Elma Jazz Elma-Macrohon.

This study aims to develop a theory on intergenerational visits as a vehicle to integrate the family members separated from the elderly due to marriage, work assignment, the nature of the workplace, financial necessity of the members, culture change and social mobility. The theory was developed using axiomatic approach. There were three axioms formulated: Man by nature is a social being, Visits are opportunities for socialization and Visits promise interactive engagements. These axioms led to the development of the prepositions which includes Intergenerational visits provide the experiences of emotional and material supports, care, respect and love for the elderly; and quality of time experienced by the elderly during intergenerational visits can create an emergent relationships that can create positive difference and strengthen family solidarity, values-imbibing, sense of well-being; and feeling of successful aging; and during the intergenerational visit what matters most is the quality time. This theory will be used as a basis for the evaluation of the theory on intergenerational visits to the elderly.

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