Nursing & Primary Care

Open Access ISSN: 2639-9474

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Research Article DOI: NPC-21-167
Prevalence of Malaria Infection across Trimesters of Pregnancy and Number of Births in Pregnant Women in South-South Nigeria

Authors: Faith C. Diorgu, Rosemond C. Iwu, Patrick K. C. Iwuanyanwu.

Research Article DOI: NPC-21-168
Oral Health Surveillance in Childhood by Family Pediatricians in the Province of Trento - North Italy. Limits and Perspectives

Authors: Piffer Silvano, Pedron Mariangela, Roberto Rizzello, Betta Marta.

Research Article DOI: NPC-21-169
The Relationships of Structural Empowerment, Psychological Empowerment and Organizational Commitment in Staff Nurses in Saudi Arabia

Authors: Faiza Aljarameez, Baumberger-Henry Mary L, Spurlock Darrell, Noble Kim.

Research Article DOI: NPC-21-170
Nursing Prescription: The State of The Art, Results of a Quantitative Study

Authors: Vitale Elsa, Della Pietà Cosimo, Gualano Attilio, Lavopa Ilaria, Germini Francesco.

Research Article DOI: NPC-21-171
Psychological Stressors among Hemodialysis Patients in Selected County Dialysis Centre’s in Kenya

Authors: Elizabeth Mugi, Grace Githemo, Jonathan Wala.