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Research Article DOI: GRM-21-138
Maternal Hyperglycemia Induces Changes in Gene Expression and Morphology in Mouse Placentas

Authors: Molly Eckmann, Quanhu Sheng, Scott Baldwin H, Rolanda L. Lister

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-139
Recurrent Miscarriage and Consanguinity among Omani Women– A Cross Sectional Study

Authors: Fatma Al Hoqani, Wadha Al Ghafri, Saneya El tayeb, Yahya Al Farsi, Vaidyanathan Gowri

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-140
Endometriosis and Adenomyosis Effect on IVF Outcome

Authors: Hend Allaw, Almoutassem Billah Zetoune, Marwan Alhalabi

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-142
Effect of Training “Boda-boda” Riders on Community-Based Referrals for Maternal Outcome: A Case of Busoga Region, Uganda

Authors: Muluya Kharim Mwebaza, Mugisha John Francis, Kithuka Peter, Kibaara Kenneth Rucha, Muwanguzi David Gangu, Otieno George Ochieng, Yitambe Andre.

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-146
Features of Bio Energetic Metabolism in Children Born after Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Authors: Synenko V.V, Stoieva T.V, Bratkova L.B, Prokhorova S.V, Fedin M.V

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-143
Optimal Duration of Progesterone Treatment before Cryopreserved-Thawed Embryo Transfer

Authors: Suat Suphan Ersahin, Aynur Ersahin

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-145
Anaesthetic Management of Parturient with Motor Neuron Disease for Caesarean Delivery: Case Report

Authors: Bassey E. Edem, Maxwell Tobin, Khaled M.F. Elbeltagy

Case Report DOI: GRM-21-147
Premature Babies Delivered by Assisted Reproductive Technology and Their Family Care Experience

Authors: Ruei-Yu Tsai, Chia-Shing Wang

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-148
Impact of Male Aging on Semen Parameters

Authors: Arzu Yurci, Nur Dokuzeylul Gungor

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-149
Endometrial HOXA10 mRNA Expression in PCOS Patients at High Risk for Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

Authors: Arzu Yurci, Suphan Ersahin

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-150
Difficult and Failed Tracheal Intubation in Obstetrics: A Seven-year Review in a Saudi Maternity Hospital

Authors: Bassey E. Edem, Khaled M.F. Elbeltagy

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-151
Awareness of HPV Infection and Vaccination Among Teens in Urban School, Nigeria

Authors: Faith C. Diorgu, KelechimNDiorgu

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-152
A 4 Year Experience with Copper T Intrauterine Contraceptive Device at Federal Medical Centre (Fmc), Katsina

Authors: Lawal, Abdulfattah Mohammed, NnadozieIgbokwe, AbdulkarimNura, IbrahimHabib

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-153
Perinatal Outcomes of Babies Born with Fresh or Frozen-Thawed Testicular Sperm in Patients with Azoospermia

Authors: Mehmet AK, Nur Dokuzeylul Gungor

Case Report DOI: GRM-21-154
Secondary Amenorrhea Due to Unusual Cause (Hematometrocolpos)

Authors: Elmahaishi Hamza, Zwawa Alia, Elmahaishi Wael M, Elmahaishi MS

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-155
Perinatal Outcome in Newborns of Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Authors: BoraBaysal, OznurOner

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-156
Low Antimullerian Hormone Levels Improve Fertility Outcome in Patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Authors: Arzu Yurci, Nur Dokuzeylul Gungor

Research Article DOI: GRM-21-157
Maternal Obesity and the Risk of Selected Foetal Abnormalities (Neural Tube Defects and Orofacial Clefts) In Malaysia: A Retrospective Observational Study

Authors: YiRou Bah, Glenn JingYan Lye, SisyenaAnushaGunaravi, Steven Toh, VigneswariVijayan, Grace Soon En Ting, Su Ming Tham, Nisha Angela Dominic, RavichandranJeganathan, ValliammaiJayanthiThirunavukArasoo