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Surgical Research (ISSN 2689-1093) is a scholarly open access, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Orthognathic Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Neurosurgery, Cataract Surgery, Spine Surgery, Colorectal surgery, Robotic Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Epilepsy Surgery, Sinus Surgery, Abdominal Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Bypass Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Rural Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Urology, Surgical Oncology, Radiology, Anesthesia, Trauma Services, ENT, Colorectal Surgery, etc.

The journal welcomes all type of articles such as original research, review, case-report, mini-review, editorial, short-communication book-review, opinion, commentary, letter to the editor, conference proceeding, technical report, etc.

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Recent Articles

Case Report

DOI: SR-19-008

Acute Abdomen with Hemoperitoneum: A Rare Presentation Caused by The Rupture of Ovarian Granulosa Juvenile Cell Tumor

Authors: Hamillour B

Abstract pdf

Case Report

DOI: SR-19-007

High- Performance Otoplasty Technique

Authors: Marcelo S. Assis

Abstract pdf

Research Article

DOI: SR-19-015

Low Consultation Rates with A Radiation Oncologist Prior To Prostatectomy in Australia – Implications for Multidisciplinary Care

Authors: Tiffany J Cherry , Fairleigh A Reeves, Nicholas Howard, Peter Xiberras and Niall M Corcoran.

Abstract pdf

Case Report

DOI: SR-19-014

Hematemese Reveling the Rupture of a False Aneurysm of The Gastroduodenal Artery: A Rare Complication of Gastrectomy

Authors: DOSSOUVI Tamegnon, FRISONI Romain, ADABRA Komlan, ALFAIFI Jaber, AMOUZOU Efoé-Ga Olivier, SCHERRER Marie-Lorraine, Malville Frederic, EL KAREH Imad, KASSEGNE Irokoura, DOSSEH David.

Abstract pdf

Case Report

DOI: SR-19-006

Splenectomy in Special Cases

Authors: Mihaela Leşe

Abstract pdf