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Addiction Research (ISSN 2639-8451) is an international online peer-reviewed journal publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies related to all aspects of addiction, addictive behaviors, and disorders. The Journal is designed for all physicians and other mental health professionals who need to keep up-to-date with the treatment of addiction disorders.

The journal accepts submissions on a wide range of fields such as Anger Management, Adult Psychology, Adolescent Anxiety, Addiction and Substance Use Disorders, Addiction Epidemiology, Addiction Medicine, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Treatment, Neurobehavioral of Addictive Disorders, Alcoholic neuropathy, Alcoholic cerebellar degeneration, Alcoholic myopathy, Adolescent Behaviour, Mood disorder, Depression Disorders, Parental Care, etc.

Our journal strongly supports the Open Access initiative. All published articles will be assigned DOI provided by Cross Ref. Addiction Research will keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in the feild of addiction and substance use disorders. Abstracts and Pdfs of all articles published are freely available to everyone immediately after publication.

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Recent Articles

Case Report

DOI: 10.33425/2639-8451.1012

Impact of Social Support on Natural Recoveries

Authors: Muindi Serah, Muindi Judith.

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Research Article

DOI: 10.33425/2639-8451.1011

Cognitive Impairments Induced by Adolescent Binge-Like Ethanol in Rat: Neuroprotective Role of Argan Oil

Authors: EL Mostafi Hicham, Touil Tariq, Laaziz Abderrahim, Ouichou Ali, Elhessni Aboubaker, Mesfioui Abdelhalim.

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Review Article

DOI: 10.33425/2639-8451.1022

Corona Stigmatization Phenomenon

Authors: Fahad Al Muhanna, Norah Al Muhanna

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Review Article

DOI: 10.33425/2639-8451.1017

Substance Use Disorder Approaches for Clinical Care, Training Service Delivery

Authors: Donald M. Hilty, Jose Feliberti, Juan Sosa, Vicken Totten and Martin H. Leamon,

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Research Article

DOI: 10.33425/2639-8451.1010

Ethnography Study: Causes of Teenager Consume Narcotics in Papua and West Papua

Authors: Agussalim, Masdiana AR.

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