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Research Article

DOI: MCRR-20-150

Adjuvant Surgical Oophorectomy Plus Tamoxifen in Vietnamese Patients

Authors: Richard R. Love, Nguyen Van Dinh.

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Research Article

DOI: MCRR-20-151

Gamified Health: A Systematic Review of Digital Programs that Attempt to Encourage Positive Health Behaviors

Authors: Fiona Gorman, Christopher Cappelli, James Pike, Brian Sandoval, Nicholas Gorman, Alan Stacy, Susan Ames.

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Review Article

DOI: MCRR-20-152

Various Presentations of The Increased Cellular Permeability Syndrome in Males Responding Very Well to Sympathomimetic Amine Therapy –Possible Treatment for End-Stage Covid-19 Complications

Authors: Diane L Check, Jerome H Check.

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