Journal of Medical – Clinical Research & Reviews

Open Access ISSN: 2639-944X

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Research Article DOI: MCRR-21-210
Management and Outcomes of Malformations Associated with Intestinal Malrotations in Newborns: About 5 Cases

Authors: Monsoïa Gildas Yassegoungbe, Médard Ayawo Guedenon, Géraud Garcia Philemon Satingo Segbedji, Codjo Serge Metchihoungbe, Mahussi Henok Orion Akokpe, Mahunakpon Vihotogbé Léon Samuel Boris Gogan, Michel Armand Fiogbe, Antoine Seraphin Gbenou.

Research Article DOI: MCRR-21-211
Diagnosis of Thermal Burn Damage to Respiratory Tract in Children with Severe Burns

Authors: Shakirov BM, Ashurova Noila, Mustafakulov EB, Hakimov EA.

Case Report DOI: MCRR-21-212
Can an Infection with SARS COV-2 cause or Exacerbate Rheumatoid Arthritis? Description of A Clinical Case

Authors: Cavallera A, Naclerio C, Mennella G, Cerrone M, Scarpato S.

Research Article DOI: MCRR-21-213
Motivation of Central Mountain Students of Papua to Continue Their Nursing Education

Authors: Edison Kabak, Yoel Halitopo, Nuriati Sarlota Auparai, Muh Saljan, Wibowo Hanafi Ari Susanto, Agussalim.

Research Article DOI: MCRR-21-214
COVID-19 Infection and Disease Severity not associated with Increased Parity among Pregnant Women

Authors: Katharine A. Marsden BA, Patrick P. Ten Eyck MS, Timothy N. Maxwell BS, Claire N. Castaneda BSE, Kimberly A. Kenne MD, Samantha R. Swartz BS, Haley A. Steffen BA, Anna E. Merrill, Matthew D. Krasowski MD, Abbey S. Merryman MD, J. Brooks Jackson MD, Mary B. Rysavy MD.

Research Article DOI: MCRR-21-215
Dementia-Related Knowledge, Experiences and Perceptions of Dementia among Adolescents in Slovenia

Authors: Zlata Felc, Brina Felc.