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Case Report DOI: MCRR-21-216
Anesthetic Management of A Giant Abdominal Aneurysm Monitored with The Flo-TracTM/Vigileo System

Authors: Su In Park, Jae-Hang Shim, Woo Jae Jeon, Chan Woo Park, Sang Yun Cho.

Research Article DOI: MCRR-21-217
Mortality Associated Factors of Patients with Mechanical Ventilation Treated at the Intensive Care Unit of a Second Level Hospital at Piedras Negras Coahuila Mexico

Authors: Jose Ivan Rodriguez de Molina Serrano.

Review Article DOI: MCRR-21-218
The Impact of Diagnostic MRI on the Early Detection of Lethal Genes in Human Genome and to Develop Genomic Medicine to Treat Brain Cancers

Authors: Hameed Khan A.

Review Article DOI: MCRR-21-219
Aerosol-generating Procedures and Decision Drivers for COVID Pre-procedure Testing

Authors: Sam Wakim, Dovid Friedman, Eva Turbiner, Shmuel Halpert, Jeffrey Kaminetzky, Sarah Christenbury.

Research Article DOI: MCRR-21-220
Retrospective Study on Hospital Admissions due to Pyelonephritis in Type II Diabetic Patients

Authors: Dilraj Dhillon, Thomas Randall, David Zezoff, Mouchumi Bhattacharyya.

Case Report DOI: MCRR-21-221
Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy in Complex Treatment of Leptomeningeal Disease of Extracranial Solid Neoplasms

Authors: Lena Marinova, Radoslav Georgiev, Nikolay Evgeniev.

Review Article DOI: MCRR-21-222
Improving the Completion Rate of Home Care Skills for Parents of Preterm Infants

Authors: Chia-Shing Wang, Ruei-Yu Tsai.