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Food Science & Nutrition Research (ISSN 2641-4295) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed open access journal covering all aspects of food science, beverage and nutrition research. The journal is an invaluable resource to inform individuals, organizations and the public on modern thinking, research, and attitudes to food and nutrition.

Food Science & Nutrition Research welcomes submissions of primary research, reviews, cases, and commentary article types as well as letters to the editor and editorials. Food Science & Nutrition Research is key reading for academics, researchers, and students in the nutrition, medicine and public health fields, nutritionists and dietitians, food company managers, food research institutes, health care professionals, managers, and other healthcare practitioners.

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Recent Articles

Research Article

DOI: FSNR-19-023

Comparison of Physical and Functional Properties of Whipping Cream and Whipping Cream Analogue

Authors: Bomba Adriana, Babuchowski Andrzej.

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Research Article

DOI: FSNR-19-022

Research on Risk Behavior Choice of Food Supply Chain Enterprises

Authors: Haishui Jin, Yongsheng Liu.

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Research Article

DOI: FSNR-19-021

The Role of Nutrition in The Treatment of Hyperinsulinemia and InsulinResistance

Authors: Rupar Iyar

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Research Article

DOI: FSNR-19-020

Feeding Practices and Nutrition Status among Children Aged 6-23 Months after Discharge from Supplementary Feeding Program in Isiolo County, Kenya

Authors: Jacqueline Macharia, Dorcus Mbithe, Harun Kimani, Peter Chege.

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Case Report

DOI: 10.33425/2641-4295.1007

Identification of a Rare Antibody (Anti-Inb) During a Workup for a Hysterectomy

Authors: Sekar H, Tiwari M, Subba B, Luckit J, Govind A, Subba R, Dhital S, Adeyemo A