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Beat Overweight, Reduce Obesity - Sustainable With Diet Based On Cold- Pressed Juices?

Authors: Marion Eckert-Krause.

Background: An imbalance of energy consumed as calories and expended is cause of weight gaining until obesity. Following the WHO criteria, behind overweight and obesity there is a certain body mass index (BMI). Obesity seems to be preventable, overweight is manageable. Are there limits related to those who are suffering from metabolic-endocrinology driven diseases?.

Method: 4-Person-Case Study-Group with different conditions, daily business and age tested a juice based diet over 3 days with 2 days of preparation and 2 days back to normal food. No coffee, alcoholic drinks and smoking were allowed. DEBEC-Method® for girth measuring and interview about soft facts as motivation, frustration, compliance. MyFitnessPal and Fitbit were used as tracking systems. Blood tests were done before starting the study (laboratory). Determined KALE and ME juice diet (6x320ml juice/daily with 105-188kcal/bottle), every 2 hours a bottle with juice, in addition tea, 1 banana, vegetable stock, (hydration approx. 3.1 l/day), and no endurance sport but walking (approx. 3 km/day). BMI-Control measuring was after 4 weeks.

Results: All participants lost weight during the 3-days-juice based-diet (1.5 (min.) - 3 kg (max.)) and felt well after those days with a daily volume of less than 1000 kcal. BMI could be decreased significantly in correlation to measured waist girth. All other measured parameters which could show activity on body fat remained on the basic values.

Conclusion: The 3-days-juice based-diet was successful as a starter to be motivated by fast weight reduction and good feeling. All participants defined a goal before but no determined timeline. This should be the option to make it in a daily routine and without pressure. To achieve a balanced energy management it is more than only diet and work out. Diagnostic, a lifelong lifestyle change and treatment must be concerted individually.

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